Summer Kids Craft: American Flag

Summer Kids Craft: American Flag

Fun and simple American flag craft to keep your kids entertained on a summer day.

What you need

Wax paper
Flat table
13 Popsicle sticks
White paint
Red paint
Two brushes
Wood glue
X-Acto knife
Blue construction paper
White paint pen or white star stickers


Step 1
Lay out the wax paper onto a table. This keeps the paint from getting all over the place. Paint five of the popsicles red. Paint four of them white.

Step 2
Let the paint dry. Arrange the red and white sticks horizontally – starting with a red stick. Then glue along the edges, so they stick together and form a flag-shaped rectangle.

Step 3
Create a flag pole by gluing an unpainted stick to the far right of the painted sticks. Then cut two Popsicle sticks equaling the height of the rectangle. Glue those two together on the rectangle at the edge.

Step 4
Cut out a square piece of the blue construction paper. Glue it to the upper left-hand corner on top of the painted red and white sticks. Now add your stars!

Step 5
Extend your flag pole by gluing another stick about 3/4 of the way down on the current flagpole.

Step 6
Show your patriotism with a wave of the flag!

Combine this with a short lesson about our flag’s history and meaning like I did in the original post.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!