Tea Cosy – Kitsch

Tea Cosy – Kitsch

A vintage pattern to knit a kitsch tea cosy.

What you need

2 x 50g balls 8ply
in 3 different colors

1 pair 4.5mm needles (no 7)
75 cms of gathered lace
2 x 75 cms of cord
wadding and lining.


Tension: 10 sts to 5cms in width measured over g st.

Size: to fit a large teapot.

color order:

tje striped color order used throughout is as follows:
* 8 rows of Main color, 2 rows of C3, 8 rows C1, 2 rows C3, 8 Rows C2 2 rows C3 and is rep from * throughout.

Using MC cast on 30sts

1st row: knit
2nd row: cast on 3 sts and knit to end rep 1st and 2nd rows once.
3rd row: knit
4th row: cast on 2 sts and knit to end rep 3rd and 4th row 3 times.

next row: knit
next row: cast on one st and knit to end. Rep last 2 rows 5 times. cont on these sts until work measures about 28cm from cast on sts and 2 rows have been completed of the 8 in a stripe.

Next row: knit
next row: cast off on st and knit toi end rep last 2 rows 5 times.
next row: knit
next row: cast off 2 sts and knit to end , rep the last 2 rows 3 times.
next row: knit
next row: cast off 3 sts and knit to end rep last 2 rows once.

Cast off.

Make another piece to correspond with the completed piece in following order.
* 8 rows MC, 2 rows C3, rep from * throughout.

To make up:
cut out lining and 2 wadding pieces the same shape as the knitted piece less 5 cms on the lower hem edge.

Place lining pieces tog, right side tog with one wadding piece on either side of lining and stitch tog. through all thicknesses around curved side and top edge.

Place 2 knitted pieces tog right sides tog with lace between each around side and top edges (leaving 5cms on lower side edges free from lace for hem)

stitch tog, turn through to the right side, insert lining piece in tea cosy.

Turn 5cm of knitting to the wrong side on lower edge of lining as hem and stitch in place.
Sew cord around side and top edge of cosy.

Note: This is a Vintage Pattern that has not been recently tested if you find an error or have successfully knit this pattern then please let us know so we can note it down.

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