Tampon Box Oraganizer

Tampon Box Oraganizer

Do you have little bits of pieces in the bottom of your stationary draw? Or how about your craft drawer? Wish you had a flip top box to store that stuff in?

What you need

Empty Tampon Boxes
Stick tape


Well now you do! Recycle your tampon boxes for storing:

hair clips

Just make a label and sticky tape it to the front or for a fun twist glue one of each item you intend to store in the box onto the front using craft glue. For example you could glue a paper clip onto the box or a button or a hair band.

Just use your imagination to recycle these boxes!


  1. I think people are a little put off by the whole ‘tampon box’ idea. I think they should get over it! People use tampons, it’s a normal thing, so why should it be a bad idea to want to recycle those adorable little boxes for somethign practical like keeping all your stationary bits in order?

    I think it’s a great idea – and i certaintly will be using it for all my stationary needs!

  2. craftyangel5832 says

    Well i happen to like this project a lot. Though i am past the using tampons stage of my life, i have thought of other little boxes that would work as some of you other people could have been doing besides knocking down someone for being creative. If you just think about all the different little boxes that are out there right now that are made like this, there are endless possiblities for recycling and keeping these out of the landfield at least for a little while. Also i think i have thought of a way while looking at the directions of making them to keep them closed so the little things that we want to store in them won’t fall out. After i try it out i will share it with everyone.

  3. Whoever are posting rude comments are nothing but plain idiots who obviously lack creativity lol. A lot of women have to spend money on tampons every month for their periods – they might as well as make it more worthwhile. Not only that but whoever does this craft is keeping these boxes out of the landfills as well. The only thing I would suggest is that you add more to this project, i.e. find things to cover the box with, reinforce the box, etc. No one needs to know that it’s a Tampax box. Otherwise good job on coming up with the idea – I love crafts that allow you to reuse something that’d normally be useless after a while.

  4. Great idea! Thanks for sharing@

  5. wow…why are you guys being so rude. If you don’t like the project them just keep your comments to yourself. no reason to talk down to people.

  6. wow you guys are harsh. at least give her credit for doing something creative.

  7. Very clever. I’m going to make a cute tampon box. I’ll put positive affirmations about our natural cycles and the joy of being a woman on it. Much better than looking at cheap packaging. The more pleasant we can make this experience the better.

  8. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    I think you will find Stationary and Stationary are both commonly used to describe paper products.

  9. Wouldn’t EVERYONE know you were using tampon boxes? Also, it’s stationERy as in papER. StationARy as in cAR. That’s how I remember it LOL!

  10. This craft is lacking in so many ways.Whoever came up with this spends a little to much time in the bathroom!

  11. Someone should spend a little less time playing with tampon boxes and spend more time reading a dictionary!

  12. GREAT IDEEA!!!!!

  13. Cuuuute! 😀

  14. why do a project like that??????

  15. wacky
    and summat good coming out summat bad like being on the curse!!!!

  16. What a great way to recycle those little boxes, I use mine for earrings and other oddments like hair clips and those silly little hair bands that magically dissapear.

  17. who would want to do that

  18. cute

  19. awful

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