Swarovski Easter Eggs

Swarovski Easter Eggs

This Easter craft project shows you how to decorate plastic Easter eggs into a sparkling bling Easter egg.

What you need

1 – Metallic Silver plastic egg
1 – Metallic Gold plastic egg
80 – ss21 Swarovski Flat backs no hotfix in Crystal AB
40 – ss21 Swarovski Flat backs no hotfix in Crystal

Clear Urethane Glue “Liquid Fusion”


1.  Pick up each crystal and apply a TINY drop of glue on the back.

2.  Apply each crystal on to make the design of your choice. (The Gold egg has a crystal egg design and the Silver egg has a cross design).

3.  Let the crystals dry for 30 minutes.

These are not the type of Easter eggs that belong in your Easter Egg hunt! Make for great room or party decor! 

This project was contributed by All Things Crystal.

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