Sushi Facial Scrub

Sushi Facial Scrub

This mineral enriched scrub contains malic acid from the apple juice which helps hydrate, smooth and soften the skin.

What you need

1 1/2 tsp basic scrub mix (see link below)
1 tsp apple juice
1/4 tsp of powdered kelp


Use the Basic Dry Scrub Recipe for this recipe.

Mix the ingredients together including the powdered kelp to form a soft paste. Apply to damp skin then rinse well.

This recipe makes enough for 1-2 applications to the face area.

It will last as long as the expiry date on the Apple juice.

For a fun presentation add sheets of nori (Sushi wrappers) to the outside of a jar filled with this luxury facial.


  1. why do pple think sushi when it comes 2 seafood??!

  2. lighten up

  3. It’s a Sushi mask, not a SASHIMI(raw fish) mask. You can put one in the other but they are differnt things.

  4. doesnt it smell fishy????? lol

  5. Love it !! Really detoxed my face

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