Survival Kit – Christmas Holidays

Survival Kit – Christmas Holidays

Make this creative Christmas holiday craft for a friend.

What you need

See Below


Purchase a small gift bag and fill with all or some of the items below along with a label explaining each Christmas holiday token.

Tylenol – to take away the headache family

Chamomile Tea – To calm, relax, and soothe away the tension

Peppermints – to settle the tummy from over indulging

Slim fast or diet pills – to kick off the diet you will need to start

Pocket Diary – to track all of the must do’s and gift lists

Relaxation CD – soothing quiet music to listen to while wrapping gifts.

Sticky Tape – You can never have enough for gift wrapping.

Cookie Recipe – For those last minute treats.

Hot Cocoa – For Indulging your self after a day of preparations.


  1. this is so……………….great!

  2. How CUTE!

  3. This is a way cute idea!

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