String Easter Basket made with Balloons

String Easter Basket made with Balloons

This free Easter craft project shows you how to make a string Easter basket which is great for gift giving.

What you need

Colored crochet string
P.V.A Glue (white wood glue)Plastic bag
Lace or Ribbon


This is a messy craft so you will need to cover your work area with something like plastic bags (so things don’t stick to it).

Blow up the balloon to the size you want your finished egg decoration to be.

Multi colored string looks great as well as plain colored string depending on the effect you want. Put the colored crochet string in a plastic bag and put the stiffener or wood glue in the bag.

Add a little bit of water to dilute the glue and to make it easier to work with. Make sure string is well covered.

Pull the string out of the bag a bit at a time. Use your fingers to squeeze excess stiffener off.

Wrap around the balloon in a criss cross fashion. Wrap it until it is well covered. The idea is not to make it solid so allow small gaps in between the layers of thread. Allow it to dry.

When the string egg is dry pop the balloon and remove it. Then you can glue ribbons, pearls, laces, or other decorations on the outside. Or you can cut it open and fill with shredded paper and other decorations.

Glue the seam back together with wood glue.


  1. my friends really liked their baskets,,I did them for christmas. An now I will make Easter ones now…

  2. I’ve made hats like this. I never thought of making easter baskets like this. I love this idea!

  3. the kids allhad a ball doing this project

  4. says

    Lots of fun and disabled clients loved making this. Messier the better! Thanks for the ideas and instructions!


  5. Wow the kids loved making this.. messy but really effective. Kids think its COOL !

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