Lolly Tree – Tinsel Tree

Lolly Tree – Tinsel Tree

Use tinsel to create this simple lolly tree for Christmas

What you need

Card board to make a cone shape.
Sticky Tape
Double sided tape
Star shape decoration
Wrapped Lollies


Make a cone shape with the card board.

Attach the star shape on the top with tape.

Start wrapping the tinsel around the cone shape.

Randomly attach a lolly to the tinsel either by placing it under the tinsel or a bit of tape.

Finish the tree of by adding a little extra tinsel or snow/glitter spray.

We also have a project for a lolly topiary tree.


  1. I tried this one and my scouts loved it. Instead of using cardboard though, we used the styrofoam cones from the craft section at the store. It worked out great!

  2. good for table centerpieces at xmas table!!

  3. Look’s cute I’ll try it out.

  4. This could be a good craft for kids to do. With a little parents help and the grandparents will love it.

  5. hee hee that’s pretty cute, you can give it to a friend as a treat instead of giving them those stupid expensive earrings, and never see them wearing it.. haha

  6. To the guest with the cheap comment. Is that what you would say to your child if they made it at school just for you?

  7. This, and many others are cheap and ugly looking. Isn’t there anything you can add that is classy and attractive?

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