Homemade Stamps

Homemade Stamps

It really is quite easy to make stamps at home. Just use some sticky backed foam, some scissors and a pencil. Hey Presto! You have a sticky foam stamp!

What you need

Sticky Backed Foam
Craft knife or scissors
Jar lid or film canister


Take a square of foam and draw a design onto it with a pen. We have made a star shape but you could make a heart, letters, numbers, squiggles and more.

Take your scissors or craft knife and cut out the shape.

Peel the paper backing off the shape and place the sticky side down onto the lid of a film canister or a large jar lid.

To use just press it into the ink and stamp away. The bigger the lid, the bigger the stamp you could make and also the easier it is for little hands to hold.

If you want to make your own stamp ink Try This Ink Recipe
cutting star shape Homemade stamp on lid


  1. scrapexpress says

    great idea

  2. Another good idea is to buy those big contaniers of sticky foam things called foamies and use those as stamps but this is more creative.

  3. What a great idea. Prescription bottles (empty of course) with smooth tops might work well too.

  4. I have lots and lots of foam cut-outs that I had no idea what to do with them all! What a fabulous idea! And so much better than spending all that money on a stamp that may not be exactly what you want!

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