Starburst Wrapper Necklace

Starburst Wrapper Necklace

Eat a lot of starburst? Don't know what to do with empty wrappers? Then make a necklace. It's easy!

What you need

Wire or quilting thread (optional)
Necklace Clasps
110-130 starburst wrappers (depends on neck size)


First measure the size of your neck using the string/wire and cut it using wire cutters or scissors (you should add a couple inches just in case).

Next, fold each individual star burst wrapper into squares about the size of your pinky tip.

String each individual star burst wrapper until the thread/wire is generally full.

Tie the necklace clasps onto the wire.

That’s about it!


  1. WhiteHorse says

    i feel a sudden crave for starburst 😉

  2. This looks like a lot of fun and easy to do for a Brownie troop activity or a party with young girls.

  3. KatieL00=] says

    Thanks! Totally love it. 😀

  4. Very nice idea! Looks really colorful ^_^

  5. Awesome! I make bracelets like this all the time!:D

  6. i think it is so awesome! i think who ever thought of that, is really creative in my eyes! love it! thanks!


  7. lollie_95 says

    That look cute!

  8. so cool! i”ll be sure to save as many starbursts as possible!!!

  9. liz_fierce says

    i made one and it came out great!
    it’s fun and easy 🙂

  10. possibly the coolest thing ive ever seen. kudos!

  11. It’s a good idea, but quite difficult to put holes through the paper.

  12. i love this kind of easy DIY project!!!

  13. wicked sweet!

  14. YES! This craft is giving me an excuse to eat Starbursts!!!! Thanks!!

  15. omg! I’M LIKE sitting in school right now, and I’m looking at this. Omg this is crazy cool. Girl next to me is wearing one! ahh

  16. wow cool but I cant eat that many lollies ill have to get my family 2 help

  17. I Love It!!!!!!:D

  18. omg!!
    that is great! i don’t think it would look good on me as a necklace but as a bracelet omgg! it would be amazing!! AHH!


  20. bellaprincesa95 says

    [cool]OH SO CUTE O REALLY DONT EAT SARBRUST BUT its a good reson to start

  21. how do u make the holes in the starburts squares?

  22. WOW that is CraZy! i dont think i can eat that many starbursts though!

  23. This is a really cute craft for girls to do, like at a sleepover!!

  24. totally cool now i need to eat over 100 candies cool!!

  25. looks cool

  26. very cute! an excuse to eat lots of starbursts! 🙂

  27. samanthalee says

    What a cute craft:)

  28. Awsome!I’m going to make earrings and a bracelet to match

  29. Otterkitty says

    My Best friend loves starbursts, I’m going to have to make her one!!Cool project

  30. That is the coolest necklace in the whole world. I will be eating alot of starburts.

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