Stamped Wrapping Paper

Stamped Wrapping Paper

The technique to make wrapping paper is the same. The difference is you are using a much large piece of paper. Anything that is large enough to wrap around your gift is perfect! Even newspaper looks neat stamped with large solid images using acrylic paint (that way the print shows through less). For a nice touch cut out the size paper you need with a decorative scissors. Experiment!

What you need

Ink pads
Card stock for making
background paper OR
any plain colored
Butcher paper,
mailing paper,
tissue paper,
paper grocery bag
to make wrapping paper

Optional: Newspaper,
acrylic paints,
decorative scissors


Decorative Background Paper:
To make decorative background paper for layering when you make your own cards take a large piece of plain colored card stock and randomly stamp an image, smaller, solid stamps work the best, all over your paper.

Work over a protected area so that you can also stamp near and over the edge of your paper, and even overlap the edges somewhat for a uniform look. Make all the stamped images line up and face one direction to create a “stripe” look or stamp them upside down and sideways – there is no right or wrong way. The best thing to do is experiment!

Try using the same stamp in different colors and using different colored paper also. The best thing to do is sit down and make several sheets at a time so when you are working on a card and need a pretty layer of paper you have several to choose from.

Simply cut whatever size panel you need and store the rest in a zip-lock bag or in a file folder. Accordion style files work great for this. Either sort them by color or by design.

This Project was contributed by Sweet Celebrations


  1. I just did this last night, with metallic ink on purple tissue paper for an emergency birthday present wrap – used a paisley stamp and had people asking me where I bought the wrapping paper!

  2. Using the newspaper method I woulddry brush with white paint over the print so the print still shows but is light, then stamp.

  3. Have always enjoyed doing this. When my twin sons were youngsters they always wanted to make their own! LLMcD

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