Stamped Candy Bar Wrappers

Stamped Candy Bar Wrappers

Turn your favorite candy bars into an even sweeter treat by creating unique wrappers for any occasion. Scrapbooking materials and hand stamping techniques help turn these common candies into personalized treats and one-of-a-kind party favors.

What you need

Candy Bar of your choice (Hershey’s NET WET 1.55 oz used here)
Double Sided Tacky Tape (ex. Stampin’ Up Sticky Strip or Provo Craft Terrifically Tacky Tape)
Paper Trimmer
Scrapbook adhesive (ex. Herma Dotto adhesive)
1 12×12 piece of solid colored cardstock (heavy duty quality)
Ribbon (width and color based on your design preference)
Embellishments (based on your design preference)
Stamps (color and theme based on your design preference)
Ink-Pad (color based on your design preference)
Piece of scrap paper or newspaper


1. Choose one piece of 12″ x 12″ cardstock to cover your candy bar. Cut out two pieces, each measuring 6″ x 6″. (This will make two wrappers.)

2. Place 6″ x 6″ piece of cardstock directly on top of your piece of scrap paper or newspaper. Hand stamp images on cardstock. Tip: Begin hand stamping in the middle of the piece of cardstock and work your way outwards. Don’t forget to stamp over the edges of the cardstock, this will create a more natural look.

3. Once fully dried, flip over cardstock and generously add double sided tacky tape along the bottom edge. Peel away the red film from the double sided tacky tape and carefully adhere cardstock beginning at the top of the back of the candy bar

4. Next, generously add double sided tacky tape along the remaining edge of the back of the cardstock. Firmly begin wrapping cardstock around the candy bar. Be sure to pull cardstock as tight as possible, in order to create a snug fit around the candy bar. Once fully wrapped around candy bar, carefully hold cardstock firmly in place and peel away the red film from the double sided tacky tape and press down into place.

5. Embellish candy bar with ribbon or other materials of your choice. Incorporate a photo or create a paper tag when making party favors. Have fun making these candy bars your own!

An Original Design by: Jennifer Camacho


  1. its sooo darn cute!!!! =)

  2. awsome ideas. i will so use the first candy bar wrapper for my project.

  3. SO SO SO CUTE!!! Wow, I wanna make this for a Baby Shower:)

  4. I Love This Idea!
    Its great!
    I might do some of these for birthdays and christmas.

  5. These are so much nicer than the computer-generated wrappers you can order online. More of a personalized touch, too!Seems easy- will have to try it!

  6. A cool and unique idea. Nice designs. And the hint to stamp the edges for a more natural look priceless. Found this helpful.

  7. its so cute and easy 2 do! what a great idea 4 holidays or b-days!!!!

  8. This is fabulous, I have seen many, but these are AdORABLE !!!!!! Gives me great ideas for invites when we go camping, for our SMORE roast over the fire pit 🙂

  9. Yummy!

  10. scrappingrl says

    Cute and simple I like it!

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