SpiderMan Pouch

SpiderMan Pouch

This modified sock makes a perfect pouch for your iPod or Mobile Phone.

What you need

Printed Child’s Socks Sewing Machine or optional glue Needle and Thread.


For this project I have used my mobile phone, because quite simply I don’t own a iPod.

The sock works great as its stretchy, quick to make and prevents scratches whilst being utterly unique!

I used a child’s sock sized 3-4 which was the most suitable for my phone size.

And it had a image with a title on the top which was fantastic.

Measure your phone up against the sock and cut off the excess at the bottom.

Turn your sock inside out and either machine sew or hand sew it closed.



I added some leather strapping by hand sewing it onto the inside edges.

But it is totally optional.

Can’t Sew?

Then the only alternative is Glue. Use a strong Craft glue or if your a guy and don’t want to even know what Craft Glue is.. then try using Super Glue!


  1. Great way to repurpose socks.

  2. i give it 1 1/2 stars no offence

  3. how does the back look with the heel still on?

  4. I think this is a great idea, and to the JERK!!!, yes JERK, that left the ridiculous comment, come on! The crafter who come up with this did so by thinking outside of the box. This is a great idea to repurpose a sock that’s too small, has a small tear in the top or you find in a dollar bin. Thanks for posting so others can benefit!

  5. This is a good idea! It’s just mean to leave harsh comments/insults!

  6. love it girl

  7. Sewing-x-Machine says

    Cute. I’m thinking of adding something similar on here, but I need to make it first. Yours is great, though!

  8. The funny thing is .. There being rude about this when this is the exact same thing persons pay lots of money for, how ever this is done w/ a cute touch and made personally for each person.. Terrific Idea !!!

  9. cute idea I might make 1 plus dont mind the insulting comments its more then likely a lil kid

  10. I LOVE this idea! also, i think some people should lighten up. they should stop being pessimists and stop pretending to be some important critic when there comment/insult is ridiculous!! all you craft idea sharers, don’t listen to these mean peoples.

  11. your = you’re
    as in ‘if you are a guy’
    huge pet peeve.
    also, uh. WTF? A sock? You cut just to re-sew? redundant not to mention pointless, much?

  12. oh yeah, spider-man is da s@!#

  13. cute!!

  14. I think they’re really cute – cell phone socks are a really popular way to keep your phone/ipod from being scratched in your purse.

  15. this is sooo cute!!!love spider-man.

  16. I wouldn’t use glue. But then again, I am not a glue person unless it is paper. I like this idea though.

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