DIY Morocco Bangle

DIY Morocco Bangle

This Morocco Bead bracelet uses two threads to create an entwining design that looks like a masterpiece. The best thing about this design is it's use of assorted and odd beads.

What you need

3 large beads 8-10mm
45 assorted smaller beads
Elastic Jewelry Thread


We used plastic beads, glass beads and added some jade beads for a rich expensive finish.

Cut 2 pieces of elastic thread to desired length of bracelet and add around 15 cm for tying off. Holding the 2 pieces together as one tie them through and around 1 of the larger beads to form as a stopper.

Separate the threads and add 9 beads to each strand then place the threads together and add a large bead.

Separate the threads and add 9 beads to each strand and then place the threads together and add another large bead. Keep doing this one more time until your beads are used up and then finish off by tying the end threads to the knot at the first bead snip the ends and allow the ends to tuck into the large beads so it is invisible.

If your 45 beads do not reach the desired length add some extra beads. We used beads ranging from 4-7 mm in size. The key to a great bracelet is it’s color scheme, pick beads that are on the same color palette for a blended look.


  1. Just finished mine, but some bits are longer than others… But that’s purely my stupidity! This is a great idea and yours looks gorgeous!

  2. What a great way of using odd beads!

  3. FloraPhotographer says

    this is so cute! 🙂

  4. I’ve been looking to do something like this for ages! Thanks!

  5. gorgeous! Think of the color combo possibilites! So easy this cavewoman can do it!

  6. This looks great and so easy. Thank you for sharing

  7. easy and fun

  8. very good i’m just learning. thank you!

  9. barbie332002 says


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  11. i love it so much! it’s fun,easy and very colorful!

  12. What a lovely bracelet-easy to make and fast to finish for impatient types like me!

  13. jellybean-jar says

    simple yet awsome!

  14. The finished project looks awesome and it’s so easy!

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