Space Cadet Dress Up

Space Cadet Dress Up

Having trouble deciding how to get the children dressed for a space themed birthday? Fear no more, and read on for some ideas.

What you need

Large brown paper bag
Colored or clear cellophane
Tissue boxes.
Disposable gloves


The Helmet

The paper bag will be used as the space cadets mask. Place the bag on the child’s head and mark where the eyes are. Cut a 10x 5 cm rectangle and glue the cellophane over the hole this is resembling the glass in the helmet. Now using pieces of aluminum foil let the children decorate their helmets, by gluing on different shapes, or just torn pieces of foil.

The Space Shoes

Take the tissue boxes and cut a hole big enough for the children to step into the boxes with their shoes. You can add some elastic bands to help secure the boxes to their feet.

Again let the children decorate the space shoes with aluminum foil.

The Space Glove

Purchase some disposable plastic gloves, preferably not in flesh color but bright colors.
If you have the time you can get the flesh colored gloves and spray them with silver spray paint to give them a silver metal finish.

The Space backpack

If the children come to class wearing school backpacks, then have them place their back packs on for an added space adventure. You could even wrap them in foil for a space back pack.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!