Basic Bath Melts

Basic Bath Melts

Bath melts are the latest craze. They literally melt in the warm water of the bath, leaving you with a moisturizing bath soak. This recipe is for a basic bath melt. You can add different scents and color to create new recipes.

What you need

8 oz (225g) Cocoa butter
1 1/2 cups Baking soda
1/3 cup Corn starch
1 cup Citric acid


Melt the cocoa butter down in a double boiler. Take it off the heat and stir in the remaining ingredients. Work quickly to mix through the dry ingredients. Add any essential or fragrant oils at this time.

Place into mini soap molds, Ice cube trays or small candy cups and allow to set. They should take 2-3 hours or longer to harden depending on your room’s environment.

When ready they should simply slip out of the mold.

These melts should not need refrigeration but do store them in a cool area.


  1. where can i buy coconut oil? or any other fragrance oils? can i use bath and body works perfumes?

  2. I found the cocoa butter at Longs Drug Store. I only had to pay $1.oo for a 1 ounce stick located on the shelf with the lotions.

  3. approx how many melts would this make? cocoa butter is not cheap ive fouund. πŸ™

  4. where do you buy cocoa butter?

  5. i would not recommend using beeswax- the water will not be hot enough to melt it and it may swim on the surface πŸ˜‰

  6. Please let me know if this is correct: After you pour the mixture into the molds do you just let them sit there to harden? If so, about how long does it take?

  7. THis is an amazing site absolutely superb!

  8. i was wondering how to get the bath melts to look like the photo on this page???

  9. If you don’t use citric acid & use more baking soda will they still fizz?

  10. You could try omitting in by why not just use it ? its easily availablea at the supermarket.

  11. What is a good sub for the Cornstarch? Should I just omit and put more of another dry ingredient?

  12. No citric acid is much more concentrated then fruit

  13. Isnt fruit fresh the same thing as citric acid?

  14. Citric acid can be found at some health food stores. The baking soda and citric combination is what causes the bubbling action, like a giant alka seltzer.

  15. This recipe is also a basic recipe for bathbombs I would add a small amount of beeswax in with the cocobutter while melting 4 oz then add slowing by making a well to combine.It suggests to pour into molds, no. This is a solid, press into molds.

  16. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Citric Acid is what makes it fizz. You must substitute it for more dry ingredients such as the baking soda.

  17. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    If you don’t add citric acid they will not fizz, and yes you must subsitute it with another dry ingredient such as more baking soda.

  18. If you don’t have citric acid, do you need to add more of something else?

  19. I made these a few days ago and they’re awesome. I put peppermint essential oil and green food coloring in them and pressed them into turtle shaped candy molds. I call them chocolate mint turtles. πŸ™‚ They’re really fun and fizzy.

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