Get To Know Magic Mesh

Get To Know Magic Mesh

Magic Mesh is a fun embellishment for your Scrapbooking pages that adds dimension to your layouts.

What you need

Magic Mesh


Magic Mesh is a self-adhesive, re-positionable, decorative mesh for use on scrapbooking pages and other paper crafts such as card making.

There are many uses for Magic mesh as it can be cut, embossed, weaved, layered and much more its only limitations are your imagination.

How to use it:

Cut the mesh to your desired size and then use it on its own or embellish it with fibers, cardstock. You can even use fibers to weave in and out of the mesh.

Magic mesh is great for covering up torn pages, or using as matting for photos.


  1. Cool! i love to scrapbook and actually right now i am into covering spiral notebooks and composition books and this would look really cool!
    Thanks For Sharing!!

  2. So easy to look like a reaqlly creative person-when i’m just a beginner.Oh and my kids love it too and NO MESS!!! : )

  3. awesome and easy to look very cool!love the texture

  4. awesome and easy to look very cool!love the texture

  5. says


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