Soda Pop Invitation

Soda Pop Invitation

This invitation idea is a lot of fun - both to give and receive through the mail.

What you need

Plastic soda bottle
Exacto knife
Shredded paper filler
Theme related trinkets


An example of a theme would be to a Halloween party. You could use a bat shaped invitation, black paper filling, plastic spiders, tiny pumpkins or candy corn.

These can be hand delivered or sent in the post.

Cut an X in the side of the soda bottle.

Through this X, put invitation, filler and various small items into the bottle.

Tape X shut, cover with label that has been addressed with a marker.

All done!

Looking for another fun way to give an invitation? Check out these Party invitations that are made using a puzzle template, the invitee has to put the invitation together like a puzzle. Check out these party invitations you can buy on Amazon


  1. i guess this is pretty cute 🙂

  2. Sounds clever!!!

  3. nossa!(that is wow in portugues!)

  4. We did this with baby bottles for a baby shower. Everyone brought the bottles back for the mother to be. What fun. Everyone loved it.

  5. cute idea – message in a bottle- add candy or shred and confetti to glitz it up –

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