DIY Sock Hair Curler

DIY Sock Hair Curler

This project shows you how to make your own DIY hair curler using a sock and a few simple steps. You can create big bouncy curls using a cut off sock.

What you need

1 clean adult sock
Hair band


You can create these curls overnight if you don’t have time to style your hair in the morning. Or you can do it quickly in under an hour with a little curling spray whilst the rest of you gets dressed.

Start by making the curler. Use a clean sock and cut off the toe.

Cut Off Clean Sock

You want to use a thin or wool sock, or a thick sport sock might make your bun bigger than your head.

If you only have a thick sock then cut your sock shorter so that when you roll it, it won’t be too thick. Roll you sock into a donut.

Sock Into A Donut

If you are sleeping in it, then dampen your hair with a spray of water first.

Dampen Hair

If you are going out in under an hour add some curling boost spray or mousse to dry hair.

Next put your hair in a high pony tail.

High Pony Tail

Take the curler and place it onto the ends of your hair.

Put Sock Curler In Hair

Then simply tuck and roll it into the sock working your way down the pony tail.

Tuck and Roll Into Hair

When you get to the end your hair will be nicely wrapped into the sock.

(alternatively you could just pin this into place and have a lovely full bun look, as shown below).

Hair in a bun

That’s it. Let it dry naturally and then pull it down and shape your curls into place.

Use a holding spray to finish off.

The picture below was a 1 hour style with curling spray. Overnight and wet is even better!

Finished Curled Hair

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