Liquorice Allsorts

Liquorice Allsorts

For the fan of liquorice, this will make a great knitted gift!

What you need

4mm Needles
Various wool scraps


Pink or Yellow Roll

Using black cast on 4 stitches

Stocking stitch 1 inch

Then change to either pink or yellow and continue in garter stitch for another 5 inches and cast off.

Roll up with black in the centre and sew into place.

Liquorice roll

Using black cast on 5 stitches and stocking stitch 4 inches. Cast off.

Roll up and sew into place.

Liquorice rock

Using white cast on 5 stitches and stocking stitch 1 inch,

Change wool to black and continue in stocking stitch for another 3 inches. Cast off. And Roll up.



    I love your licorice allsorts, would you have a checkered pattern for a tea cozy

  2. Fabulous-my daughter loved the sweets for her school art project! Now everyone wants some

  3. For the square sweets, i cast on 10 stitches and stocking stitch 10 rows, cast off. Make 2 in coloured, 1 in black. Sew the square together like an envelope, sewing the corners in, make sure the stocking stitch side is on the outside. Then sandwich and sew the 3 together, making sure the stocking stitch side is on the outside.

    • Donna Heywood says

      Hi i have just knitted some to make these. ..but don’t understand what you mean sew them together like an envelope. .

  4. I like the idea. I made a whole jar full of these and gave them to my sister as a present. She keeps them in here kitchen as a decoration. For the bobbly ones, I just used some pink or blue bobbly yarn and stocking stitch for 5 inches then rolled up.

  5. how about the ones with the bobbly bits, everyones favourite!!!

  6. Fantastic!

  7. Thankyou SO much. I have been looking for the instructions for licorice allsorts for ages. I would love to know how to make the square ones too.

  8. brilliant

  9. I too would love to know how to make the square sweets

    • kate blair says

      I think to make the square one you just knit small squares of whatever colour you want and sew them together

  10. How do you make the square ones. Made the others for a party and caused a laugh!!

  11. maybe you should look at the WHOLE website before you start cursing it. even if you were linked directly to this craft, you should have noticed the link ofr scrapbooking ideas in the side navigation panel!!!

  12. What the hell?! I type in scrapbooking ideas on google and it links me to this. You people need to learn how to advertise your site, not falsely!!!

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