Slouchy Hobo Bag

Slouchy Hobo Bag

Every wanted to know how to make a hobo bag? You're in luck! We have got step by step instructions for making a slouchy hobo bag of your own!

What you need

Sewing Machine



(Figure 1)

here’s the “pattern” i used. i tend to just cut…i really have no rhyme or reason to my shapes and patterns. this one happens to be 8″ high. you will cut 2 with the interior fabric and 2 with the exterior fabric


(Figure 2)

here are all the pieces. the ones on the far left are key…they will be attached to the zipper and you will start with those. you then have the body of the purse..interior and exterior…and then you have 2 pieces to create the strap for your shoulder at the bottom of the picture.



(Figure 3,4)
you will sandwich the zipper between one zipper piece of each the interior and exterior. make sure the top of the zipper (outside face) faces the good side of the exterior fabric…just like in this picture. you may want to unzip the zipper to make this process easier. oh and cut the zipper to the length that you want for the opening. make sure to sew at the end of where you cut so that if you accidentally unzip it all the dont waste an entirely good zipper…this has happened to me… the shorter the zipper the smaller and scrunchier the purse.. mine is about 12″ or so.

(Figure 5)
his is what it will look like once you finish both sides and both interior and exterior. this picture shows only the interior side.


(Figure 6 )
then take one of the interior body pieces and pin in place with pleats. i start from the middle of each piece (zipper piece and interior body) and pin them to keep them centered…then i pleat and them accordingly so that once you reach the end where it curves that it will line up with the end of your zipper piece. which by the way…the zipper piece should be just a tad longer on either side of the length of your zipper


(Figure 7)

do this to both interior body sides.


(Figure 8)
this is what it should look like. this is the inside of your purse.


(Figure 9)
this is what it should look like on the other side.


(Figure 10)
now you want to put the good sides of the interior body pieces together and sew them…like so. make sure you leave a space..this is where you will turn your purse inside out at the end

(Figure 11)
now you will do the same to the exterior fabric. pin and pleat and sew.

(Figure 12)
this is how it should look when you’re done with both sides… this is fun!!

fold it in half and this is what you can see your purse come together now

(Figure 14)
open it back up and face the good sides of the exterior together and sew..this time don’t leave a space like the interior pieces. make sure before you do this step.. unzip the purse more than half way so it’s easier to turn inside out.

(Figure 15)
now where you left the space…turn the entire purse inside out.


(Figure 16-17)
and this is what you get when you turn your purse exterior side outside. you will have holes on either side of the purse unfinished for your strap.

(Figure 18)
put one side of your strap in the hole and turn this portion of the purse inside out so you can sew it easier

(Figure 19)
cut off the excess so it’s even

(Figure 20)
the other side will be split open so it will be a little more tough. sew in place like the picture

(Figure 21)
and basically wrap your purse around the strap and sew. make sure the zipper ends are lined up and close to eachother

(Figure 22)
cut off excess and this is what both insides should look like for the strap.

(Figure 23)

that’s it! it took me about 4 patterns to get this right. this purse took me about 3 hours to make. I added embellishments. I recommend doing that before you sew the exterior body pieces together. I also added a pocket.

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