Slimy Goop

Slimy Goop

Mix these two solution together to create a slimy goop that the kids will love to play with!

What you need

Solution A:
1 cup White glue
2 tbs Liquid tempra paint

Solution B:
3 2/3 cups Warm water
4 tsp Borax laundry booster


Mix the two solutions separately.

Slowly pour glue mixture into the borax mixture.

It will start forming a solid right away.

Turn the glue mixture a few times with your hand.

Lift the glue mixture out and start kneading it.

Store in an airtight container.


  1. That was so awesome! I’ve made it befor at my camp and it lasted over a month

  2. Been getting alot of rainy days in a row which leads to very crabby kids. This was the cure, hours of fun, thank you.

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