Bracelet – Cherish Charm

Bracelet – Cherish Charm

These cherish charm bracelets are simple to make, easy to personalize and stunning to wear.

What you need

1x Strand of Semi-Precious Chips
1x Charm Carrier [F904]
1x 0.5mm Elastic Cord [TC381]
6x 10 mm Shamballa Fashion Beads
1x Charm
1x 5 mm Jumpring [F834]
1x 4 mm Jumpring [F1085]


STEP 1. Cut 3 pieces of elastic around 30cm long. Thread all 3 through one shamballa fashion bead. Now separate the strands and thread 5 or 6 semi-precious chip beads on to each strand.

STEP 2. Repeat until you have added 6 large shamballa fashion beads, making sure that your bracelet ends with a shamballa fashion bead either side.

STEP 3. Thread on the charm carrier and tie the ends of the elastic together, hiding the knot under the charm carrier. Add a dab of glue (or clear nail varnish) to the knot to secure it. Snip off any excess elastic.

STEP 4. Attach your chosen charm to a lobster clasp using a jump ring. Clip the lobster clasp to the charm carrier for a clip-on, clip-off changeable charm!

Please Note: You may want to adjust the count of semi-precious chip beads or shamballa fashion beads to ensure the bracelet is the correct fit for your wrist.

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