How to make a Paper Quilled Photo Frame

How to make a Paper Quilled Photo Frame

A cute and in-a-budget gift idea for your loved ones. Create a quilled paper flower photo frame!

What you need

You need:

1. Foam board
2. X-acto knife and scissor
3. Strong adhesive glue and craft glue
4. Pencil and ruler
5. Quilling paper
6 Beads.


frame (1)

Step-1: Measure your photo size and cut out 2 pieces of foam board adding extra 2 inches on both width and length of the photo size. Draw 1 inch border around any one piece and an upside down arch shape right in the top middle part of the other piece. See the picture. Cut out the frame (the piece with borders) as neatly as possible. Cut out the arch shape neatly as well.

frame (2)

Step-2: Now place the frame on a plain surface. Measure and cut 3 pieces from the foam board for the sides and bottom part of the foam. Glue the pieces neatly along their place. The top side of the frame should remain open. This is for inserting the photo into the frame.

frame (3)

Step-3: Cut out a tie shaped pattern from the foam board for the stand. Make a half cut along the top 1 .5 cm of the stand and bend it. Glue the back side of the frame and then glue the 1.5 cm part of the stand on the back side diagonally by keeping the corner matched with the corner of the frame.

frame (4)

Step-4: Prepare papers strips for qulling. Use bright colors for the flowers and green for the leaves. Use the bright colored paper strips to make teardrop shaped pattern. Make as many as you need to create flowers. Use the green colored paper strips to make leaf shaped pattern. Make as many as you need.

frame (5)

Step-5: Place a scrap paper under the frame before starting the paper quilling art on the frame. Use white / craft glue to attach the quilled papers.Start to glue the quilled papers from a corner of the frame. Simply glue and place them. I used 6 teardrop pattern for each flower. You may add more petals if you want to. Glue more patterns to make a chain of flowers.

frame (6)

Step-6: Create more paper quilling flowers all around the frame. Try to keep a nice color combination. Glue the leaves between the flowers. I also added some faux pearl beads on the center of the flowers and some loose quilled circles in the small gaps.


  1. So basically this “how to” is just make the shapes, glue them to the frame…wow so helpful. No directions on how to actually make the shapes which is the most important part…

  2. Rosemarie Mullenix says

    There were no directions on how to actually make the teardrop shapes to make flowers.

  3. victoria nunag says

    beautiful and colorful…. i love to try this with my daughter..

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