Silver Snake Ring

Silver Snake Ring

This project is for the more advanced crafter with a knowledge of working with blow torches.

What you need

Small blowtorch
Steel tweezers
A vice
Hand drill
Fine sandpaper
Sliver polish
12 inch 1mm Round wire
Safety goggles
Apron and gloves


Twisting one or more strands of wire is a simple but effective way of achieving an interesting pattern. The wire can be round, square or flat. The finished appearance will depend on the shapes or combination of shapes that you use.

How to Twist Wire

Follow your manufactures safety instructions on your blowtorch at all times and remove any flammable items from your work area.

Wire has to be softened so that it can be twisted. The softening process is called annealing. To anneal, either lay the wire on a protected surface or hold it with tweezers and starting at one end take the blowtorch flame along the wire.

As the wire becomes hot it will turn a dull red color once it does this move it onto another section, be careful not to melt the wire completely. After annealing allow the wire to cool. Once the wire is cold bend it in half and clamp the open ends in the vice. Secure the bend end in the hand drill and begin turning the handle of the drill and watch the wire gradually twist.

How to make the Snake Ring

Take the length of silver and after annealing it file the rough edges down with a file and then the sand paper until the twisted areas are smooth. Wrap the ring around a solid round shape or bend it directly around your finger in a spiral motion to get the above spiral ring.
Before wearing polish it up with some silver polish.


  1. creativemind says

    who would go through all that trouble for a snake ring that looks like a piece of coiled rope???

  2. although i luv it, looks a bit hard 4 me to do on my own! 🙁

  3. Really cool and looks like I am so SOOOOO cool!

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