Silk Soap Petals

Silk Soap Petals

These make wonderful little guest soaps and look lovely in your bathroom too.

What you need

Silk Flower Petals
Melted Soap Mix


Start by making up some Melt and Pour Soap base choosing your favourite soap recipe.

Then while the soap is still melted, wearing a pair of heat resistant gloves or using metal tongs dip the petals into the soap mix.

Once it is well coated pull it out and pop it down into some wax proof paper to dry.

Do this working in batches. This way you don’t over fill your pan with petals.

To use: Simply take 1-2 petals, rub your hands under water and use it like you would use soap. Either discard or pop into hot water later for washing and reusing.


  1. IThese would be great to pop into an ok Altoids ton and take along in your purse or bag. Thanks for sharing! I can see me making these for little gifts, perhaps for Mother’s day or a special birthday. You could also do this with a lotion bar recipe.

  2. Great project, Its so simple

  3. brill!

  4. I like this idea! Could we use any silk ‘petals’for this?

  5. Where can you find easy soap making recipes for 11 year olds? I want to make soap for Christmas!

  6. Cute idea, and not vague at all!! Can’t wait to try this!

  7. An easy project that produces a cute product.

    There is nothing vague about this project, the instructions are clear and simple.

  8. vague info

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