No Sew Hand Bag

No Sew Hand Bag

This bag is a great project for girl guides or scout groups as it needs very little supervision and is cheap to make.

What you need

No Sew Fleece
Wooden Bag Handle


Start by working out how big you would like your bag to be, this bag is large and is 45 cm from the top to the bottom.

You will need to fold your fabric in half and cut out a rectangle. Our rectangle was 45 cm x 30 cm.

Once you have your rectangle shape it should have a fold at one of the smaller ends. This will be the loop that goes over your Bag handle.

To form the handle, cut out a small section from the folded end of the rectangle. You can see the design below.

No Sew Bag Shape

Once you have cut the handle shape using some scissors you will need to cut the tying tassels out of the fabric.

This is done by making cuts into the Bag section around 1cm apart.

Once you have your cuts in both layers. Thread the folded end over your bag handle. Then you simply tie two tassels together to form a knot. This knot closes the bag up.

Knot all the way around the bottom of the bag to close it up.

You can substitute the Bag Handle for large hole bangle which will work out much cheaper if you know where to buy discount jewelry.


  1. if its no sew why is it in the sewing crafts area?

  2. cherryberryloves says

    its ok i guess?

  3. Great idea. Children would love this

  4. Fab idea – I have made ‘foot cosies’ using this technique – never thought of making bags. Brilliant. A lining could be made if anybody worried about bits dropping through.

  5. please provide step by step pictures. thanks <3

  6. I like it and its almost like a start to many other ideas… so I dnt know what other people r complaining about… this is a great convert to your liking project!!!
    Thank you!

  7. i think its cool i will try it .it looks so easy, i have seen worse.if you dont like it dont make it .

  8. This is a very cute idea, though i probably wouldn’t use it as a purse, but i could see it being used as a bag to carry a small craft project around like crocheting or knitting…etc. Just be sure to have your needles and scissors in a case to keep them from falling in between the ties. Make the bag bigger to carry beach towels and tanning lotion. Make it without a handle and just use the loop provided and save money. The ideas are endless with thei project. You just have to open your mind and your eyes. i myself think it is very cute and will be making one very soon just for my crocheting projects that i take with me to my Dr. appts. Thanks for this great project and keep them coming.

  9. I think this a great idea. What a good idea to get children involved in making something like this. Well done.

  10. I think the trick to this is to make sure before you start the tying part around the purse test your hands being able to go inside and trim back the edge if the opening is not big enough for an average size hand. And to those who are saying pretty nasty things here, if you are going to be critical at least spell what you have to say correctly, I can hardly make out what you are complaining about with all those typos.

  11. we saw this project and my grandchildren 3,4 6 made these for their mothers and aunt and the children loved it. so easy and they were proud they made it by themselves.

  12. I will try this bag..It will hold my recycle bags that I use for shopping .. .Thanks

  13. This is a very clever idea! So easy and yet so cool!

  14. not nice but ok

  15. i like the idea and thoght but i dont think that its me i mean im a scooer player that wares makeup and i think its cuit 4 a yonger person but the faberic thumbs down mabey a pillow

  16. i like the idea but i think it would be a lot cuter if it was bigger annd had a different handle

  17. I like it. I would change the colors but I like it. I think if people have something mean to say, they need to keep it to themselves. what if they had a project and someone thought theirs was ugly. They wouldn’t like it. If you hate it, then pass it.

  18. It seems really cute.

  19. nice idea actuALLY, i just don’t know if my clients like an inspiration such as thst one

  20. it looks like a piece off old shag carpet!!

  21. better for pillows and blankets… maybe an ipod case?

  22. I think it would be very hard to open if you cut it to look decent. There are better non-sew bag patterns for fleece-I tried one and make some cute carry-all bags for my young grandaughters.

  23. it would be cute . . . but what about in public?

  24. that is SO ugly!!!!!!!!

  25. This is a very cute idea.

  26. I don’t think people should judge the craft by the picture shown. With precise measuring this bag can look even more fabulous! although i think sewing is a more reassuring way to make a bag. Thanks 4 this craft!!!! Why do some people have 2 be so mean????

  27. cool stuff i like them

  28. It’s aesthetically so-so, but I’m sure if you add some little doo-dads or swap the print to something else, it’ll look neat-o. Pretty unique!

    – Penny

  29. simple and fun, can create alot of personalization and other exciting themes to this bag

  30. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    guest, It tells you that you can use a bangle as a bag handle and without any effort no craft project would ever be completed.

  31. it doesn’t even look like a bag! And even if it did you’d have to go to more trouble that it’s worth- i mean whos got a wooden bag handle just hanging around at home!

  32. I hate it it’s the ugliest bag i’ve ever seen

  33. how do you open it???

  34. its ok i mean it is not bad but hey ill try it !!!hey try the slouchy bag it awsome!!

  35. I like sewing, but I do see how easy this would be for some people. And I’m not fond of the design, good idea though!

  36. such a useful craft for baglovers

  37. DisneyDancer1986 says

    There is a way, try it yourself or ask someone who has tried it. The thing about making your own stuff is to make it fit your personality. Go ahead and use a different design or fabric, no one i gong to hold it against you!

  38. sweet

  39. Great no-sew for a blanket or pillow, but it looks sloppy on a bag.

  40. I like that idea. I have seen a blanket made that way. So warm and cozy!

  41. Without that material or that design it wouldnt be the same bag. I love it!! Use your own fabric if you dont like the print. dahhh

  42. I think it is an awsome idea

  43. I love this design and will soon make this bag!! This is my kind of bag~no sewing!! Yeah!!

    Beach Babe

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