Scrapbooking Tags and Ribbons

Scrapbooking Tags and Ribbons

Ideas and techniques for using tags and ribbons in your scrapbooks

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By Lisa Robbins


Tricks of the Tags and Ribbons Trade:

Tags and ribbons are fun to incorporate into your scrapbooking pages. There are so many ways to use them. Ribbons are great for attaching other embellishments, or for separating parts of your page. Here are some other ways to use ribbons and tags when scrapbooking.

Use ribbons as backgrounds. There are many ways to use ribbons in your background. One idea is to lay ribbons side-by-side diagonally across your page. You can make the ribbons different lengths and cut different edges. Be sure to use an adhesive that won’t puddle under your ribbon.

Hint: Ribbons can be expensive. To get this look without draining the account, add in strips of patterned paper. When mixed with real ribbon it is hard to tell the difference.

Print words on your ribbons or tags. Use thick cardstock first to print the text you would like to have printed on your ribbons or tags. Tape the ribbon or tag over the words on the cardstock and send the page back through the printer. Make sure you only put tape around the edges of your embellishments so you print on it instead of the tape.

Add a homemade look to your tags. This can be done by hand-stitching around the edges. You can also stitch through the middle of your tag for a patch-work design.

For a fun look, tie ribbons along the edges of part or all of your scrapbook page.

Use various materials for tags. Tags can be made with many different materials such as patterned paper and cardstock, but don’t limit yourself to paper. Try new materials such as cork paper and fabric. Tags are really fun because you can get crazy decorating them, and they will add a lot of character to your page.

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