Scented Bra Pouch

Scented Bra Pouch

This project is a great way to recycle old bras. I made this one for my mother who had a mastectomy and no longer needs hers. She places it in her clothes drawer for a lovely scent.

What you need

Recycled Bra
1 cup of Dried Lavender
Backing fabric any color
hot glue or craft glue


Lace bras work best for this to allow the scent to flow through.

Take your bra and cut some fabric pieces to sit at the back of the bra cup.




Fill the bra cup with lavender sprigs and then glue the fabric backing onto the cups to close it up.



Make sure it is well glued down or the lavender may slip out.

You could finish it off further by laying some ribbon over the edges and just jazzing it up a little more with optional embellishments.

To use just pop it into your drawer or into a closet.


  1. Personally, as a breast cancer survivor who had a bilateral mastectomy, I would be OFFENDED by this! Why? Because I don’t want a constant reminder of what I’ve lost. This would only remind me that I cannot wear them any longer!

  2. SaraHuynh3557 says

    This is a really great idea! 5 STARS!!!

  3. Why would someone rate this badly?! It’s fantastic!

  4. Why would someone rate this badly?! It’s fantastic!

  5. terrificrafts says

    @ Amybulkin that’s what I thought it was for at first it’s like a substitute to perfume

  6. Friendship-Bracelet4Ever says

    what if you still wore it while it was made. No need for perfume. You wld smell really good. LOL

  7. Interesting. Great for a laugh!

    Lauryn and Lorelei :^)

  8. this craft is great..people buy those dresser sachets…so why not make one out of something that all of us women already own. Brilliant. Best Bra craft ever.

  9. rgymnastwebgirl says

    That’s very cool.


  11. I’m going to make these and sell them in my Sister-n-Laws gift shop. A percentage of my sales are going to be donated to my local Breast Cancer Society. My Mother is a survivor of breast cancer. I lost my cousin this year to cancer (started out with breast cancer and spread). My Auntie was diagnosed with breast cancer. And my Sister-n-Law lost her Mother to cancer this year (started out as breast cancer).

    I never get rid of much, and I found 14 bras in my drawer that I quit wearing for one reason or another. They will be my first “Bosom Buddies” in the fight to find a cure for breast cancer!

  12. LOL thats weird :-/

  13. lol different but a good idea. i think it quite funny actually

  14. Creative, this is teh first bra craft i actually like! It’s great for wardrobes, and a great recycling craft, too! Put dried flowesr in them , too! I love this! I’ll use my training bras, too!

  15. its good but its kinda embarrasing cause wat if a boy looks inside you drawer!

  16. He He. Funny

  17. cool can you wear them ?like with the lavender in them???

  18. How clever, great way to scent your draws while recycling something no longer needed.

  19. awesome I should do it

  20. great idea, i will try it myself,as i love to sew,regards lexy.

  21. i like this idea and its a great way to recycle bras which are too small and cant wear them any longer. thank you for sharing this great idea!

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