Rug Weekender Tote

Rug Weekender Tote

Rugs are not just for feet! Take advantage of the thick textures on a rug and turn it into a fun, roomy tote. This is one bag where you won’t need interfacing in. We got our rugs and belts from the dollar store, but you can use thrifted materials too.

What you need

2 pieces of 22” x 16” rugs

2 pieces of 40” leather belts

*1 piece of leather 22” x 13”

2 pieces of 10” zippers

*Tip: Try to match the colors of the belts and the leather for a more put together look.


Our finished tote measures approximately 17” x 19”


Pin the zippers at the edge of one of the rugs with the zipper heads meeting at the center.


Pin the other rug onto the other edge of the zipper. This will be the opening of the tote.


Use a zipper foot and stitch the rugs onto the zippers.


You’ve got the opening of your tote done!


Sew on the leather piece onto the bottom of one of the rugs.


You can either fold the edge of the leather in (like ours) or leave it out.


Fold the leather under and stitch it onto the other end of the rug. This will be the bottom of your tote.


Place one of the belts onto the center of the rug, curving at the top like regular bag handles.


Carefully stitch the belt onto the rug, leaving a 4” gap from the zipper opening.

Tip: If your belt is thick, use a size 14 or 16 needle and go slow. Or, hand stitch the belt onto the rug with a thick thread.

Turn the bag inside out, and match the edges of the front and back leather pieces.


Sew up both the left and right edges (marked by the yellow line above).


Turn the bag inside out. Fold the top edge inwards into the bag so the zipper sits deeper into the bag. This is why we left a 4 inch gap from the zipper when we sewed on the belts.

And you’re done! Pack some clothes for a weekend gateway, or use it as an oversized every day tote.


  1. the project is great but I don’t like sewing leather on my machine its not heavy duty and instead of leather I used sail cloth and it looks good. Thanks

  2. This is a great project! I love the use of leather and belts! Thank you for sharing it.

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