Knitted Silver Anklet

Knitted Silver Anklet

A project where you create a beautiful piece of silver anklet combining knitting and jewelry making arts.

What you need

Wire Cutters
Needle Nose Pliers
Flat Headed Pliers
28 GA Zebra Wire – Silver covered copper wire for wire wrapping {any kind of
wire will do as long as it is bendable}
Size 3 wooden or metal Double Pointed Knitting Needles
lobster claw
Sterling Plated Chain Medium Wide
A – 8 4-5mm Blush Potato Pearl Bead
B – 4 3mm Silver Bead
C – 14 4mm Clear Crystal Round Bead
Before you begin it is important to place the beads on the wire prior to beginning to knit. Take care not to tangle or kink the wire as this can cause breakage of the wire.



Bead Placement on Wire : 1B 2C 1A 2C 1A 1C 1A 2C 1A 1C 1A 2C 1A 2C 1B

Tie wire in loose knot leaving about 10 -12 inches on one end.

Place knitting needle inside knot.

Cast on 2 additional stitches total 3 stitches including knot.

Knit 4 rows garter stitch (knit each row) k1 k1wb (knit with bead place bead near stitch wrap wire as you would knit and pull through) K1 k3 k1 k2wb k3 k2 k1wb k3 k1 k2wb k3 k3wb k3 k1 k2wb k3 k3wb k3 k1 k2wb k3 k1 k1wb k1 k3 k1 k2wb k3 k2 k1wb k3 k4 more rows garter stitch.

You have completed the knitting portion of the necklace. Now lets finish the creation.

Cut wire with wire cutters about 8 inches from the end of the last knitted row.

Slip out needle and thread wire through loops creating a loop knot.

Pull wire through and take end of wire and put through new large loop.

Pull tight.

Go back to first end and take the extra wire and place in stitch opposite the knotted stitch and create the same loop knot.

Get knitted portion of the necklace ready for the chain.

Place the following beads onto one of the wires – 1A 1C 1B.

With needle nose pliers create a loop and wrap wire neatly around the loop to secure.

Cut excess and tuck end in.

Repeat on the other side.

Cut link at 15 loops for the adjustable portion of the anklet – Open link on chain and slip loop through and close link.

Repeat on opposite side with a section of 10 loops for the lobster claw.

Open link on chain and attach lobster claw.

Repeat on opposite side with beads or dangles if you wish.

All done!




  1. TheDoctor68 says

    This is so amazing. Once I finally learn how to knit, this will be fun to make.

  2. coool!

  3. wow this looks so pretty! but i’d never be able to make it 🙁

  4. This looks beautiful – very delicate and pretty 🙂

  5. its hard to make but the design is great and looks really pretty

  6. I hate it! JUST KIDDING! I love it!!! I am a member but i didn’t log on!

  7. looks hard to make…but love the desgine

  8. cool

  9. ChristieLovestoWrite says

    very beautiful!

  10. love it

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