Round Crochet Rug

Round Crochet Rug

Fun, funky and fast, this rug is a great weekend project. Make a small one for a retro chair cushion, or make one big enough to add drama and warmth to a room of any size.

What you need

Size K/10.5 (7 mm) crochet hook
Stitch marker
Safety pin, or 6″ length of string



Some knowledge of crochet is assumed for these instructions.


This rug can be any size that you want. We’ve listed the amount of yarn that you’ll need to make the rug in each of three sizes, but you can make it larger and larger just by stitching additional rounds with more hanks of yarn. (Blue Sky Bulky is wrapped in hanks rather than balls.)

22″ across = 5 hanks
27″across = 7 hanks
321/2″ across = 10 hanks

1 hank of another color
Note: If you decide to make a rug larger than 321/2″ across, you may need more than one hank of the contrasting border color.

To make crochet instructions easier to read, abbreviations are commonly used for the stitches. The following list explains the abbreviations you’ll find in the instructions.
Beg = Begin(ning)
Blo = Back loop only*
Ch = Chain
Cont = Continue
Ea = Each
Hk = Hook
Inc = Increase
Lp = Loop
Rep = Repeat
Rnd(s) = Round(s)
Sc = Single crochet
Sc blo = Single crochet in the back loop only *
Sk = Skip
Sl st = Slip stitch
St(s) = Stitch(es)

* Crochet stitches are usually worked into both of the top loops of the stitch in the previous round or row. Except for the first round and border (final round), all of the single crochet stitches for this rug are made into only one loop the back one of the stitch in the previous round.

9 sts and 9 rows to 4″
Note: The size of your rug depends on the number of rounds you decide to stitch. Gauge isn’t that important. As long as you use the  recommended hook size and don’t crochet too loose or tight, your rug will turn out fine.

All sts are worked into previous round (the round that was just completed).

Using size K crochet hook and Blue Sky Bulky, place a sl st on hk, ch 4, sl st in first ch to join beg and end to make a lp (ring). Ch 1, place st marker, safety pin, or string in last st (ch) to mark beg of rnd.

Rnd 1: 8 sc around (working ea st into center of ring), place marker. [8 sc in rnd]
Note: At end of all rnds, do not turn.

Do not join beg and end of rnds, except border rnd.

Rnd 2: Sk ch-1 at start rnd 1, *sc blo in next sc, 2 sc blo in next sc (1-st inc made), rep from * to marker, move marker. [12 sc]

Rnd 3: As rnd 2. [18 sc]

Rnd 4: *Sc blo in each of next 2 sc, 2 sc blo in next sc (inc made), rep from * to marker, move marker. [24 sc]

Rnd 5: *Sc blo in each of next 3 sc, 2 sc blo in next sc (inc made), rep from * to marker, move marker. [30 sc]

Rnd 6: *Sc blo in each of next 4 sc, 2 sc blo in next sc (inc made), rep from * to marker, mover marker. [36 sc]

Cont working additional rnds, AT SAME TIME in every row work 1 more sc blo than made in previous row, before making inc. (Increases move by 1 sc each rnd).

Move marker at end of every rnd.

Note: Every few rounds, smooth rug on flat surface to check work. Small ripples will disappear when rug is washed and blocked. Substantial ripples can’t be fixed. Rip out one or more rounds (to the point where ripples begin) and restitch, working first new round with 2
more single crochet (back loop only) stitches (than previous round) between each increase.

Work until measurement across piece is 1″ less than desired final measurement. Cut yarn 6″ from hk.

Border Rnd: Using contrasting border yarn, sc in ea st to marker (working ea sc into both sts of sc in previous rnd), sl st in first st of rnd.

Fasten off by removing lp from hk, cutting yarn and pulling end through lp on hk. Wash and block as explained below.

Don’t skip these steps!

Perimeter of rug may have slightly squarish points. Blocking eliminates these.


Fill washer with warm water and small amount of mild soap. Add rug and soak for 20 minutes. DO NOT AGITATE!

Spin, remove rug, fill washer with warm rinse water, add rug and soak for 10 minutes. Spin again.

Lay rug flat on clean floor with towel underneath. Shape into perfect circle, pin to towel if necessary, and let dry undisturbed.

*This rug may be washed using the same method as used to wash and block.

This project was contributed by Kathy Pususta from Blue Sky Alpacas


  1. Started this last night & it’s already looking great! Love it! This project is easy to follow with good instructions. I’m using up lots of yarn I’ve had sitting around–and making a very useful rug in the process.

  2. I haven’t made this yet, but I sure love the idea. My whole downstairs is old hardwood floors and I mean OLD…scratched, faded, etc. I would love to cover every inch with these little rugs, but I suppose that’s not appropriate. Maybe one or two? I’d love to do a nice big one for my living room (which is relatively small. I wonder how much yarn that would actually take…hmmmm…would be lovely, though!

    TLC Inspirations

  3. rhondygirl says

    Size ‘s’ hook & strips of old (or new) fabric [ie. old sheets, bolt ends or new fabric purchased by the yard] & you have the makings for a ‘rag rug’. totally machine washable!

  4. I am excited about crocheting a rug, but out of fabric strips, even old strips of blankets! Just another thing to add to my project list!!!

  5. I love this idea it is just what I was looking for.

  6. Very easy to interpret. Have been loooking for easy round crochet rug pattern as I am using strips from recycled T-shirts. Great. Thanks!

  7. fantastic! looks easy to me!

    this is the next item on my list!

  8. vingoyal says


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