Rock Cactus Plant: Kids Craft

Rock Cactus Plant: Kids Craft

Use garden rocks to create this fun Rock Cactus pot. A great sensory idea for a kids activity and craft.

What you need

Garden River Rocks
Plant pot
Green, white paint.


Start by selecting flat river rocks that look like cactus prongs.

Coat each rock with green paint. We used different shades of green to draw in some background lines/veins and added white dots for cactus flowers.

You are only limited by your imagination.

Now place these into a pot and use as a centerpiece, garden ornament or even a door stop.

Have fun!


  1. Melissa they sell them in bags at most craft stores. This is a cool idea

  2. Where do i buy or find river rocks that big?

  3. It’s a wonderful idea!

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