Ring – Scrabble Tile

Ring – Scrabble Tile

This tutorial shows you how to make a quirky scrabble tile chunky fashion ring.

What you need

Original Plastic Scrabble Tile
Adjustable Ring


This recycled or upcycled jewelry making project shows you how to upcycle a scrabble tile into a fun jewelry ring.

This project uses original scrabble tile pieces so it is a true recycle project.

For this upcycle project we used our initials to make fun rings.

Simply take the scrabble tile and glue the ring back into place. Let dry before wearing.



  1. kenipela says

    I like the idea, just not the plastic tiles, I’d use the wooden ones.

  2. Cute!(And yes, computer keys work, but type writer keys are preferredecause they are flat on the bottom.)

  3. This makes me think that keys from a computer keyboard would work as well.

  4. Im going to rate this 4 stars because it is good but it lacks the durability for the profesinal league of scrabble

  5. Cute and original! I’ll try this! Unfortunatly, I don’t have very many rings lying around so I’ll have to do some looking. 🙂

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