Reversible Drawstring Playmat

Reversible Drawstring Playmat

Make clean up a breeze after playtime is over with this reversible drawstring play mat. Reversible usage opens up opportunities for storytelling, such as blue for the sea, and orange for land.

What you need

PDF pattern (see below)
Main fabric & Inner fabric (approximately 55 x 55 cm)
Canvas ribbons
2 x 18 inch bag straps
Bodkin (optional)


Our version here uses canvas ribbons, and has handles which makes it easy (and cute) to carry!

When complete, this playmat measures approximately 19.5 x 19.5 inches. If you’d like to make a larger custom size, you may either enlarge the pattern at a copy shop, or use the instructions in the PDF pattern to create your own pattern.

Reversible Drawstring Playmat Pattern.

For outdoor use, consider using water-resistant fabrics.

Step 1:


Fold both Main & Inner fabric pieces half, and then half again to create a quarter. Place patter on top of fabric and cut according to pattern.
Mark the points for the straps on all layers of the fabric.

Step 2:


Mark the cut slits on the Inner fabric and snip at the fold.



Fold down and sew. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3:


Place Inner fabric onto Main fabric, right sides facing. Pin down to match edges all around.

Step 4:


Following the marks you’ve made earlier for the straps, pin the straps onto the Main fabric, then fold over the Inner fabric to sandwich the straps in between.

Step 5:


Stitch all around the circle, 3/8 inches in from the edge. Leave an opening of about 4 inches for turning the whole thing inside out.

Turn inside out.


Topstitch close to the edge all around, stitching that opening shut as well.

Step 6:


Place canvas ribbon to the edge and mark ½ inch away from the width of the ribbon.


From that mark, topstitch all around, creating an inner circle. This will be the tunnel for the canvas ribbon to pass through.

Step 7:


Using a bodkin (or a bobby pin), thread the canvas ribbon from one slit opening to the next. Repeat with the other side.

Step 8:


Tie a dead knot, and finish with a bow. You’re done! 😀

Tidy up in a jiffy 🙂



  1. Great project…I will make one for my grand daughter with a stove top and sink appliqué on one side. Thanks for the pattern.

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