Reindeer Games Chalkboard Sign

Reindeer Games Chalkboard Sign

Restyle a wood log into a chalkboard to create this fun Reindeer themed decor for Christmas!

What you need

Wood slab
Chalkboard paint
Washi tape
Sawtooth picture frame bracket and 2 small nails


1. On the back side of the wood slab, hammer in the sawtooth picture frame bracket. 


2. On the front side of the wood, mark off the edges of the wood slab that will not be painted and cover these sections with washi tape. Washi tape is non-permanent so it won’t damage the wood or get stuck where it shouldn’t. 




3. Paint desired area with chalkboard paint. For the smoothest surface, paint area thoroughly and then use a paintbrush to remove any excess paint while it’s still wet. 











4. Allow to air dry completely, about 15-20 minutes.
5. Remove the washi tape.




6. Using a piece of chalk, rub chalk dust over the entire chalkboard surface. This “primes” the chalkboard for easy writing later.







reindeer5a reindeer5b reindeer6

7. Mark off 2 inch intervals in order to space out the reindeer names properly.





8. Writing nicely in chalk takes practice. To make it easier, first write out the words plainly, and add embellishes (scrolls, designs) afterwards.




  1. Judy Pennington says

    Just a suggestion, but shouldn’t the area to be painted be sanded down smooth before painting?

  2. It’s a great sign! How do you play Riendeer games?

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