Recycled Wine Bottle With Silver Leaves

Recycled Wine Bottle With Silver Leaves

This project shows you how to up-cycle or recycle a wine bottle into a decorative silver leaf-ed centerpiece.

What you need

Silver Leaf
6-8 sheets of 20x20cm or 5×5 inch Silver leafing (available craft supply stores)
Clearn Clear Wine Bottle
Clear drying Craft Varnish/ modgepodge or white PVA wood glue.
Dry Paintbrush


Start by cleaning the labels off your wine bottle and rinsing out any wine.

If this is your first time using silver leafing then I suggest you have a test go first.  Silver leafing is very fragile and you need to use a light touch. The leafing adheres to the varnish/glue very easily. You can overlap the leafing as it is so fine. Use your dry paint brush to press the leafing into place.

Starting by taking your varnish or modge podge and coat the outside of your wine bottle. Gently pick up a sheet of metallic leafing and press it into place.

This project can be created with a patchy finish (like ours) or as a solid silver finish. Harsh sharp edges  (As shown below in the picture) can be softened by taking your dry brush and pulling away at the edges.



Here is a picture of the bottle on a Hens night table. When all the DIY pieces are put together it completes a great bling bling look.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!