Recycled T-Shirt – Chicken Plushie

Recycled T-Shirt – Chicken Plushie

What can you do with old t-shirts? Recycle them into adorable chicken plushies that will be a rage at Easter!

What you need

Recycled yellow t-shirt
scraps of red,orange,white and black felt for eyes.
toy filling/wadding


This adorable recycled plushie shows you how to upcycle an old t-shirt and create a little Easter Chicken. This Easter chicken can be given instead of chocolate as a gift or use him for Easter table centerpieces and Easter decoration.

Print the pattern below, each page should fit flush onto an A4 sized paper but you can make yours as big or small as you like.

Pattern 1 

Sew the legs length ways this seam will run down the back.

Gather around the bottom and secure.

Fill with wadding .

Turn the body pieces so they are wrong side out and stitch them together ,remember to sew the legs in place as you go, making sure they are on the inside and both facing the same way leave a gap down one side so you can fill with toy Filling or Wadding , then hand stitch closed

Use your diagram for direction when you stitch the face on.

The beak is one piece folded in two and hand stitched to the head.,

The eyes are made up of two pieces first stitch the pieces together then hand stitch them to your chook head.

Sew your wattle under the beak.

Hand stitch the comb on the top of the head.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!