Recycled T-shirt – Butterfly Purse

Recycled T-shirt – Butterfly Purse

Turn an old t-shirt into a butterfly purse with these simple steps!

What you need

*2 t-shirts (atleast one with patterning)
*sewing needle
*cotton (any colour depending on shirt)
*sewing machine
*2 buttons
*3/4 of any colour cotton ribbon (depending on how thick you want the straps)


step one

Get your plain t-shirt, draw a half of a oval with it curving in at the top. Make sure you cut it out the same on both front and back of you shirt.

You can cut how ever big you you want your bag. Then when you are finished cutting it out, turn it inside out on top of each other and sew along the bottom and sides of your bag then turn it right way out.

step two

Get your patterning t-shirt and draw a rectangle (up to you what size you want) then get your needle and thread and sew in the middle from top to bottom.

Then pull your stitching tight but not too tight then it should look like butterfly wings.

Sew it on the bag and attach the the top of the wings and the bottom of the wings to the bag be careful not to sew all the way through the bag.

step three

Sew your straps at the top of your bag on either side then sew one button on one side of your bag at the top and the other side at the top of your bag.


Thank you.


  1. I make purses like this all the time!

  2. craft_girl says


  3. this is awesome

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