Recycled Spoon Coat Of Arms Pendant

Recycled Spoon Coat Of Arms Pendant

This Jewelry making tutorial shows you how to make a coat of arms pendant using a recycled spoon.

What you need

Jewelry Bail
Recycled Spoon
Engraving tool
Diamond Glaze Or Epoxy glue


Start by removing the handle off your spoon. You may need to file the end down with some sandpaper or emery board if it is too rough.


I picked up my engraving tool from the hardware section of a dollar store. Decide what design you would like and practice with the engraving tool if it is your first time. You could practice on the handle you just cut off.

I engraved the initials of my children as well as two hearts into the Coat Of Arms.


Using the glue attach the Jewelry Bail to the back of the spoon.


When it is finished give it a buff and polish and pop it onto a chain.


All done!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!