Christmas Centerpiece – Moss Candles

Christmas Centerpiece –  Moss Candles

This Christmas craft shows you how to make a Centrepiece using moss and rose gold candles.

What you need

Rose Gold or similar candles
Cane wreath form
Craft Glue
Florist wire


This centrepiece is made using moss and storebought candles.  To begin you will need a wreath base form or similar. You could also make this with a pool noodle wreath form.

Using a hot glue gun stick your candle in place. You could do this after the moss step too.

Begin by covering your wreath base with moss. You can do this by placing the moss and using florist twine or fishing line to wrap the moss around the base.

Once you have your moss in place use dried flowers and fruit to decorate your centerpiece wreath form. This one has been finished off with Cinnamon sticks and cranberries.


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