Recycled Denim Mat With Flannelette

Recycled Denim Mat With Flannelette

I made my great-granddaughter a Denim-patch pad with flannelette to keep on hand at all times as her Mom travels a lot! I made it with high-loft craft stuffing with a layer of thick quilt batting on top! I then quilted it in about 4 in squares all over. She takes it all over with her and uses it for a play /or sleep/or change mat. Bonus is it's bright and fully washable! Little Aubree loves it!

What you need

Six inch used denim patches or other, flannelette enough to cover, I believe the one I made is 4 feet by 5 feet but u can make it as small or big as u want! Big bag of hi-loft toy stuffing spread out over the denim patches with a thick quilt batt same size as pad will be. You can use one color flannelette or like I use matching or varied stripd of flannelette. I made a small strip of small denim patches for edging but u can do any edging you like!


I used recycled denim patches cut 6 in by 6 inches. I made it 10 squares by 10 squares, about 100 squares.  Sew 10 squares together, one row. Make 10 rows.  Sew all rows together to make a square quilt pad top/bottom.

Flannelette: same size as denim when sewn together. You can use various strips or all one color, make

Sure it has been washed and dried!

Big bag of hi-loft toy stuffing spread out to cover denim cover. Piece of thick quilt batt same size as denim cover. Place over stuffing. Place flannelette over quilt batt,  pin as needed all over. Sew across every 4 inches(I did) then sew down every 4 inches.  It’s hard to do as it’s thick!  i used a industrial machine, it has wider area to work in, but you could use a regular machine. Just go slow and steady or use less stuffing!

Hope this gives you all the information you need! Anyone who sews shouldn’t have any trouble, unless it is the thickness. it is still quite thick when quilted!

Enjoy! It doesn’t have to be perfect to use! Mine isn’t and I’ve been sewing 40 years!!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!