Rainbow Sock Gnome

Rainbow Sock Gnome

This adorable gnome is made using basic craft supplies and the same tutorial can be used to create different color combinations for different gnome themes.

What you need


Dollar Tree Twine

Hot Glue Gun

Dollar Tree Kids neon sock set

Dollar Tree Foam Cone

Dollar Tree Fuzzy Pen

Pearl Beads 


Start by taking one of the neon green socks and place the foam cone inside it

Using the scissors I cut down the side of the fuzzy pen and then pulled the fuzzy part off, this will be for the beard. If you can not find the fuzzy pens then you can buy the rainbow fur here. rainbow fur   

I trimmed the beard down to the size that I wanted it and to fit the cone (about 3 x 3inches)

Then using hot glue, I added a line to the backside of the fuzzy fur and pressed firmly onto the cone where I wanted it, with some of the fur hanging down on the bottom

I then took one of the hot pink socks and put it over the top of the cone to create the hat

I trimmed the end and then cut a 5 inch section of twine and created a bow around the end of the sock and then trimmed the ends of the twine

Add a dab of hot glue to the pearl bead and add to the fuzzy fur right under where there pink sock meets the fur.


What do you think of this project? Let us know!