Purse – Charming Tea Towel Clutch

Purse – Charming Tea Towel Clutch

Turn a tea towel into a charming clutch that’s one of a kind! Despite being made out of a tea towel, this clutch is made sturdy with the help of interfacing and lining fabric. Hand sew your favorite charms, beads, or buttons for a style that’s uniquely yours.

What you need

Tea towel
Lining fabric
Heavy weight interfacing
1 set of snap buttons

Embroidery thread
Big button


Start by downloading the pattern here: Tea Towel Clutch Pattern.

Cut 1 piece each of the towel, interfacing and lining fabric according to the pattern.

Iron on the interfacing onto the lining fabric.

Line up the tea towel and the lining fabric together with right sides facing each other, and pin.

Sew all around, 1cm from the edges. Leave an opening at the bottom to turn the bag inside out.

Trim the edges of the corners to reduce bulk.

Turn the bag inside out via the opening.

Fold in the opening edges and sew it shut. Press the entire bag with an iron to smooth it out.

Fold it according to the dashed lines on the pattern piece.

Mark the spot on the flap where you would like the snap button to go.

Carefully lift up the flap to mark the piece underneath where the other snap button will sit.

Attach the snap buttons according to the package instructions.

Snap the buttons together to “close” the clutch. Pin the sides of the clutch body together.

Open up the flap of the clutch and top stitch 5mm from the edges according to the red lines above. Start from one bottom end, back stitching to secure the starting and ending points.

Sew on a button on the flap, hiding the snap button below.

String 2 different colored embroidery threads through a needle and sew on the charms along the edge of the flap.

Enjoy your brand new charming clutch 🙂


  1. Oh my days this is soo cute!! A perfect Summer project I will definitely be trying 🙂

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