Template Idea: Purse Card

Template Idea: Purse Card

This is a template for creating a more elaborate purse card.

What you need

Paper or Card
Wool or chain for handle
or pencils


Use the image above as a guideline for a template.

Have the children cut out the shape during the activity or precut the shapes yourself out of cardboard or colored paper.

Have The children decorate the purse with painted flowers or little pictures.

Use Wool or chain to make the purse handle. Use a small sequin to make the catch.


  1. It would have been nice to have an actual template and show the purse card decorated.

  2. cool, and very easy to do!

  3. You could also cut it long enough so it’ll open so you can write a little something on the inside, then somehow attach a clasp to it so it’ll close and stay closed on its own. Great idea for purse lovers, or shoppers!

  4. Great idea and easy for kids!

  5. very easy to do

  6. good idea

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