Princess Cupcake Stand

Princess Cupcake Stand

This party decoration craft shows you how to upcycle a $2 kids fairy skirt and turn it into a beautiful embellishment for a child's princess party.

What you need

Metal cupcake stand
Inexpensive dress up Fairy Skirt
Optional Hot Glue and sequins


Start by taking your stand. It is best if it is wire so you can tie your pieces onto it but if you have a solid stand a dab of glue here and there is sure to make it work using what you have.

The particular skirt we used was already in strands with stars attached. We simply had to cut them away from the waist band. If the skirt you use is solid you can cut it into strips and tie or glue onto the stand as shown.

Add extra gemstones, sequins and ribbons for a fuller more dazzling princess party decoration.


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