Giant List Of Vintage Preschool Poems

Giant List Of Vintage Preschool Poems

These poems are from unknown authors and are displayed here without our knowledge of any copyright restrictions so please feel free to use these poems in your educational activities.

What you need

These poems are for multiple uses such as: classroom posters, handouts, story time, or for playing games.


The frog

A little frog sat on a log

And said “nobody cares about me”

A duck came along

And said “you are wrong”

And gobbled him up for tea

Jimmy and James

Jimmy is a tadpole

A playful little bloke

James is twelve weeks older

And my, how he can croak!

The Tadpole

My Tail is shorter

My legs are longer

When I’m a frog

I’ll be much stronger

The Wind

No matter if there’s rain or sun

The wind can come to have some fun

It sometimes changes to a breeze

Or blows so hard it makes you sneeze

It blows my kite and swirls around

And makes the leaves come tumbling down

It spreads the seed of all the flowers

And huffs and puffs for hours and hours

Penguin Pete

I’m a penguin

My name is Pete

I live where it’s cold

I don’t like the heat

I play on the land

And swim in the sea

The worlds best fishermen

Just has to be me.

Little Pig

Little pig, your not very big

But my. Oh my , oh my!

You get yourself in such a mess

I’m sure I don’t know why

Mouse in the House

There’s a mouse in the house

I know it is there

When it shuffles about

It gives me a scare

I really Can’t stand it

It gives me a fright

When it scampers about

In the darkness of night


I might have lived inside a shell
If I had been a snail

Or in a great, wide tossing sea
If I had been a whale

Or in a noisy, busy hive
If I had been a bee

Or a bunny in a burrow
Eating lettuce for my tea

I might have had a kennel home
If I had been a dog

Or a long down in a creek-bed
If I had been a frog

I might have been a tiny bird
And lived inside a nest

But oh ! I’m glad I’m just a child
I think my home is best

Read Read Read

Read, read, Read!

The more you read

The more you know

The more you know

The more you grow

So read, read, read!

Welcome Butterfly

Small white egg upon a leaf

The hours hurry by,

Caterpillar eat our fill

Or you will surely die

Sleepy now and very fat

On a twig you lie

Cosy in you soft cocoon

Now welcome, butterfly


Fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar

Crawling all about

Would you b a real good friend

And help a fellow out?

My shoes get scuffed and dirty

When I go out to play

So slide yourself across my

Shows and brush the dirt away

My Hat

What do you suppose?

A bee sat on nose

Then what do you think?

He gave me a wink

And said “I beg your pardon,

I thought you were the garden.”

The wise old owl

A wise old owl

Sat on a oak

the more he heard

the less he spoke

the less he spoke

the more he heard

why aren’t we all

like that old bird?

Safety rhyme

Stop says the red light

Go says green

Be careful says the amber which

Shines in between.

My shadow

I have a little shadow

The goes about with me

And what can be the use of it

Is more then I can see

It is very, very like me

From its heels to its hair

And I see it jump before me

When I jump in the air


  1. nice poems

  2. These are wonderful – I’m sure I’ll use many of them in my preschool classes!

  3. These bring back memories. Great job!

  4. loved it

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