Color Popcorn Garland

Color Popcorn Garland

This is a very simple craft, though not all countries are familiar with this type of decoration. It is a great for elderly or the disabled and ideal for decorating large trees.

What you need

Fishing line
Popped Corn
Blunt darning needle for threading


Using a needle, thread the fishing line through each piece of popcorn. Continue until you have a garland long enough to decorate a tree or room then tie a knot to secure.

Try using colored popcorn for a festive look.

There are a couple of ways to successfully color popcorn.

1: Add food color to the oil prior to popping which gives a very faint color finish.

2: Add powdered food coloring (found at cake supply stores) to popped corn for a more intense color.

3: Add a little water to some food coloring and pour into a bag. Add the popped corn and toss till it is well coated.

4: If the popcorn is NOT going to be eaten use a powdered poster paint which can be bought from a toy store or the school may already have some. Then toss the powder over your popped corn. This gives off a very very vibrant color but it is NOT edible. Generally these powder paints are actually non toxic so no harm would actually be done, but still not really edible.


  1. I am addicted to popcorn so this is REALLY perfect for me.

  2. Poor grammar? How hard is it to string popcorn??? What more directions could you possibly want? Cute reminder of the fun we had as kids making our our decorations. Thanks!!

  3. You can also thread cranberries in between the popcorn.

  4. i am 12 and i like this ida because its easy for me and its fun! our christmas tree lookes great!

  5. stringing popcorn….self explanatory. How do you get colored popcorn? Can you dye it yourself?

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