Pom Pom Wreath Ornament

Pom Pom Wreath Ornament

A simple project - use pom poms to create a wreath ornament to hang on your Xmas tree!

What you need

8 pom poms
1 gold chenille or pipe cleaner stick
Craft glue
Gold cord for hanging


Take the pom poms and glue them side by side into a circle using craft glue.

Using the gold pipe cleaner twist it around the gaps in the pom poms.

Use the gold thread to tie onto the wreath to form a hanging cord.

Glue on the holly leaves to finish it off.

We added a few beads to the front for decoration.


  1. this is so easy im a try to make one for my friend

  2. I soooo liked it i am going to make more than a dozen this year

  3. I like this craft

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