Easy Pom Pom Wall Hanging

This DIY craft tutorial shows you how to make a boho or bohemian tassel and pom pom wall hanging. This is easy to do using old yarn and is a great fun activity to do with the kids.

Easy Pom Pom Wall Hanging

What you need

1. Colourful yarns
2. Scissors
3. Cardstock paper
4. Fork
5. Beads
6. Twig


Step 1:

Grab 2 different colored yarn bundles. Hold the open ends of the 2 yarn bundles together, without cutting them from the bundle. Cut a small strand of yarn (about 5 inches should do) and insert the strand through the middle slot and pushing the strand all the way to the closed end.

Step 2:

Grab the 2 yarns prepared in previous step ant to wrap them around the tine of the fork. Keep wrapping the yarn until reaching the required size for the pompom.

Step 3:

Once you’re done wrapping, tie 2 tight knots with the 5 inches yarn strand around the wrapped yarns.

Step 4:

Carefully take out the wrapped yarns from the fork through the open end. Use scissors to cut the looped ends of the wrapped yarns.

Step 5:

Cut each and every looped ends of the wrapped yarns.

Step 6:

Once you’ll be done with cutting the looped ends; carefully trim the open ends of the yarns to give the pompom a smooth outer surface.

Step 7:

Similarly, create more yarn pompoms.

Step 8:

Determine the size for the yarn tassel and cut a piece of cardstock according to the determined size. Select a yarn and wrap it around the cardstock paper as many times as needed to reach the required volume of the tassel.

Step 9:

Done wrapping? Take a long strand of the same colored yarn and tie it around the wrapped yarn on either side of the cardstock. Tie the knot with a short length of the yarn from its open end and keep the longer length intact.

Step 10:

Take out the wrapped yarn from the cardstock.


Step 11:

Hold the yarn strand tied to the yarn group and cut the looped ends on the opposite side of the tied strand.

Step 12:

Use scissors to trim the open ends of the yarns to level the open end of the tassel.

Step 13:

Insert a bead through the open end of the yarn strand tied to the tassel. Push the bead all the way to the closed end. Insert 1 or 2 pompoms into the strand as well.

Step 14:

Similarly prepare a few more (or as many as you want) yarn hanging.

Step 15 Final picture

Attach the pompoms and tassel attached yarn strand to a dry twig. Attach a hanging mechanism on the top end of the twig to complete the wall hanging.

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